"With guitar strings that whisper of Brazil's shores and piano keys that dance like cherry blossoms in the wind, Duo Capivara creates music that knows no bounds."
Brazilian musician and producer Gustavo Holanda joins Japanese pianist and vocalist Akiko Riippa to form the captivating “Duo Capivara”. Their unique collaboration blends the soothing sounds of bossa nova with the intricate complexities of jazz, resulting in a mesmerizing fusion of genres that promises to captivate audiences on every performance. With their own distinctive arrangements, “Duo Capivara” breathes new life into classic Brazilian tunes and jazz standards, creating a harmonious sound that transcends cultural boundaries.

As Duo Capivara brings together two unlikely yet incredibly talented artists, each hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds, they create a musical synergy that transcends borders and resonates with listeners on a profound level. Through Gustavo's soulful guitar melodies and captivating vocals complementing Akiko's exquisite piano playing and ethereal vocals, Duo Capivara's performances are characterized by a seamless blend of traditional bossa nova rhythms and the improvisational spirit of jazz.
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