Gustavo Holanda & Guests
Hey there! Thank you for the opportunity to present this cherished proposal. My goal is to provide you with detailed information about the program I am planning to perform and the promotional aspects of its execution.
I am a Brazilian musician currently based in Helsinki, and I've been fortunate to find an enthusiastic audience for the music I play in this amazing city. Over the past few months, while performing at both private and public events, I've noticed a keen interest in Brazilian and South American music. As a result, I've developed two sets of 55-minute performance that offer the soothing sounds of Bossa Nova and the emotionally charged melodies of Argentinian Tangos, all infused with elements of jazz-based improvisation.
For this occasion, I propose having a weekly performance, starting initially on Thursdays. Each week, I plan to invite a guest musician to join me for one of the sets, enhancing the musical experience for both myself and the audience, and creating a unique atmosphere at Satama Bistro.
Promotion and Ads
After years in the business, I've come to understand the importance of promoting gigs, and I believe it should always be a collaborative effort to achieve maximum efficiency. I'm committed to growing my audience just as much as you are, so I always allocate a budget to create the necessary materials to support these efforts.
In this case, I've included in the final price of the proposal the production of 50 posters to be displayed around the neighborhood and at the venue. Please note that the images included here are for illustration purposes only.
Social Media & Others
I will provide 6 Instagram and Facebook stories layouts to be published every week in a sequence of 3 in a row, as shown in the adjacent image. These layouts will be delivered to your social media manager every Monday. Your strategies to promote this project can be adjusted according to your needs, as I understand your business also has other events to promote.
I propose that we agree on a schedule that suits us both, utilizing the tools available on these platforms such as partnership programs. This would benefit everyone, as I plan to allocate a budget to reach an average of 5000 people through social media content promotion.
Additionally, I will send weekly emails with press releases to specialized media such as blogs and newspapers.
Pricing and billing
As discussed previously and described through this document, the pricing will include the posters production and social media content pushing. The invoice for the period will be done as agreed by contract signed by both parties and billed through the company mentioned below.
Unit price - €180
Total €720 (Excluding VAT) 
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